Sunday, April 30, 2006

Little bit of love, little bit of tofu

Today, we went to church for the first time since Little Warrior's diagnosis in January, and the last time for a couple of months, since LW begins "double dose, double scoop" chemo on Thursday.

We walked in, and everyone in the entry/fellowship area turned ... and applauded. And cheered. Forget verklempt, I had tears rolling.

Then, during the welcome at the beginning of the service, our family was specially welcomed. More applause

Then, wholly a coincidence, the first hymn was "Come, Come, Whoever You Are."

Tears rolling freely down my face as The Husband and I looked at each other. This was the song that we sang, often with broken voices, to LW in the hospital, because of the line, "...ours is no caravan of despair ..."

For those who are not Unitarians, the words of this simple song are:

Come, come, whoever you are
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,
Ours is no caravan of despair
Come, yet again, come.

So, time for Joys and Sorrows ... all eyes turned to us. I got up and told everyone first, why the first hymn had me crying, then, I introduced myself and Little Warrior for anyone who didn't know us, explained that she had been diagnosed with cancer in January, and since that day, this congregation had ministered to us in a million ways. Thanked everyone for "cards, casseroles and courage" and everything else they had given us.

A nice Sunday. We couldn't stay long, fear of germs and whatnot, but it was good to return home.

The Bulge ... seems to have gone down a good bit since last night. A few Wilms parents have emailed me to mention several things it could be, that are not dangerous, so I'm feeling better. Thanks to RevChristine for alerting me to the realness of PTS, since I was definitely experiencing it last night. Whooosh ... I was completely back in that fear and mindset that I was in before her surgery.

But today is better. And we see the doctor on Thursday. Not that I'll wait that long if it gets worse, but it seems to be getting better.

Unrelated gift to my blog friends: if you like chocolate pie, you MUST try this recipe. Yes, I know it says tofu. I am not saying that this recipe is good "for a tofu pie." It is the best chocolate pie I've ever had, period. But you must use silken tofu. Perhaps the easiest pie recipe in the world, short of buying one at the store. Anne, get AJ to make you one. I am not a granola head, I am a foodie. And a chocolate freak. If I say it's good, you can trust me.,,FOOD_9936_14312,00.html


frog philosopher said...

hi...while exploring a site on uu blogs, i discovered your weblog...i'm glad you feel so loved by your uu fellowship. i have been moved to tears many the music, the candid shares during j&c, the love in the eyes of my friends.

i don't know you, but am going through a fight with cancer with my partner. she has a chronic lymphoma.

Anne said...

Oh pie..pie sunds so good..Im putting on AJ on it right now.

That made me cry about your church. That was so wonderful of them. Im glad that you, LW and your family have so many people like that around you.

Hope the double scoop went well today. Mine was okay..but the day after is always worse for me.

Thinking about you guys..