Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Re-entering Life

I am finding it hard to re-enter regular life.

Odd. The one thing that I have missed so much is regular life. My friends, my church, my denomination -- but now that it looks like I'll have the opportunity to do so in a couple of months, I'm having a hard time looking forward to it.

Odd, odd, odd.

Some of it is already beckoning. I've been the webmaster for my church's site for a long time, and now, at long last, I have people qualified to help me. And they're willing to let me be top dog, while they do the grunt work. But I just have the urge to say, "Take it over, do with it what you want. I don't want to be involved."

Our church's district has a summer program that's a blast. Imagine summer camp for families. I have personally persuaded at least 4 families to become participants. In the middle of this, I didn't think it was possible that we could go this year. Now, it looks like the timing will be right. And my closest friends are going, with their families. I just looked at the information on it, read the workshop descriptions. They sound good. I have no interest in going.

It just seems like everything takes too much effort, too much energy.

Maybe I just need a good night's sleep.


Karen said...

Oh, Little Warrior is absolutely beautiful!! Sounds like she's just a few weeks younger than my little girl. I think your blog is amazing. I am going to post a link to it from my blog, if that is all right.

Please take care!

Karen (aka "Cancer Girl")

Christine Robinson said...

Not odd at all. You've been on a major, life-changing journey. "Real Life" is not goint to be the same, and it shouldn't be. Take your time re-entering and wonder at the changes.