Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movies to Watch Again and Again ...

Okay, copying Happy Feminist and Cuumbaya, I'm making my own "movies I'd see again and again." As Cuumbaya pointed out, not necessarily the best movies.

For my list, that point is self-evident.

1. Better Off Dead: let others of my generation wax rhapsodic over Pretty In Pink or Breakfast Club, I'll toss my vote to this underrated, over-the-top John Cusack flick. Really, who hasn't had the experience of going through a breakup and every song on the radio is a breakup song?

2. Crazy From the Heart: It was made for TNT, I think, back when the commercial cable channels could still get good scripts and good stars. (Now they all go to HBO/Showtime). Stars Christine Lahti and Ruben Blades in a romance between a high school principal and the school janitor in South Texas. Wonderful feel good movie.

3. And speaking of wonderful feel good movies ... Return to Me, with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. But the real stars of the show are Carroll O'Connor, Robert Loggia and their "old man" friends. It's the happiest movie I know that starts with a heartbreaking death.

4. Crossing Delancey with Amy Irving. Oh, I know that Susan Faludi panned it for being anti-feminist. It's not. It's not about lowering one's standards, it's about learning to value someone for being decent and kind, as opposed to shallow and materially successful. A perfect example of a woman and her AQ. (More on the AQ in another post.)

5. Simply Irresistible with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Oh God, I know, I know. There is nothing socially or intellectually good in this movie. But it's a cute movie about someone becoming a magical chef, something I can't resist.

Actually, that leads me into the whole genre of "Food Movies." Is there a single one I don't like? Hmm. Not that I can think of. Ones I enjoy, in order of pleasure:

1. Like Water for Chocolate
2. Big Night
3. Soul Food
4. What's for Dinner?

Never have seen Tom Jones (the movie, not the singer.) Yeah, I know, they say I should for the food scene.

Oh wait, there is a food movie I didn't like. 9 1/2 weeks. Ha.


Joel Monka said...

I liked Chocolat better than Like Water For Chocolate. Depp, even as a minor character, was great, and it was a fun movie.

Lizard Eater said...

Chocolat? How could I forget that one???? Put it at the top of the list. I loved it so much, our next church fundraiser was a chocolate festival. (Where I learned that yes, there is such a thing as Too Much Chocolate.)

Anne said...

I love Better off Dead...I havent seen that in forever! And Im a big fan of the Irish Italians in Return to Me. That movie makes me cry..and yeah I have a little crushy crush on David Duchovney. However you spell it.