Monday, April 10, 2006

She is Passed Over

Results are in.

Histology: Favorable (not anaplastic), all the way through
Margins: Clear
Mom: Happy happy happy

And a little bit ... afraid to be so happy. Pretty normal, I imagine.

Looks like she'll complete her chemo protocol, so she'll have 12-15 more weeks.

Hopefully, in June, we can learn more about the whole heart condition and whether it is related to having giant tumors pushing everything up into her chest. Everyone except the cardiologist thinks they're related. Of course, he's the specialist. Acting quite squirrely, though. On one hand, acting as if everything is very dire. On the other hand, he doesn't send anyone from cardiology to check on her during or after the surgery.


Anyway, one thing at a time.

And if you think I'm not thinking of the symbolism of this week being Passover ...

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