Friday, April 28, 2006

Differing levels of AQ and AQR in males/females

You know about IQ - Intelligence Quotient. You've probably heard about EQ - Emotional Quotient. Now, I present to you -- the AQ.

It's not Adversity Quotient.

It's not Autism Quotient.

It is ... Asshole Quotient.

AQ is a somewhat measurable (completely subjective and all anecdotal) level ascribed to the male of the human species. That number is not as important as the AQ-Requirement level, found in the female of the species.

(I am sure that there is a related corollary switching the genders, my research, however, has been on the above male-female dynamic. No sexism is intended, men and women can be equally good or equally bad.)

With that disclaimer, back to the subject at hand.

Human females have different levels of the AQ-Requirement. It is theorized that everything from genetics to experience can affect these.

Some women have very high AQ-Requirements, or AQRs. They require that a male have a very high AQ in order to view him as a mate-able object. Those males who do not have a high AQ are often characterized by this type of female as "a wonderful friend," or "like a brother."

To the friends of a high AQR female, her choices may appear incomprehensible. "She only likes guys who treat her like shit!" reported one friend of a test subject.

Friends will often question why a seemingly intelligent female will continue to accept the poor behavior of the high AQ male, not understanding that there is a simple x + y dynamic going on. A female with a high AQR is not making a choice between a high AQ male and a low AQ male. Because of her AQR level, she effectively cannot "see" a low AQ male. A low AQ male is essentially, to her radar, not male, e.g. not someone whom she could potentially mate with. She, therefore, is choosing between a high AQ male or no one.

Interestingly, the levels of both a high AQ male and a high AQR female can change. Life experiences can have a dramatic effect on both.

It should be noted however, that the levels will not change simultaneously in a high AQ/AQR couple. This is often the great fallacy in the high AQR female's mind: that by being in a relationship with her, the AQ level in the high AQ male will lower. It will not. Through extensive research, we can report no findings of a situations in which that ever happened. It is only outside of a relationship with the high AQR female that the AQ of the male can be lowered.

Occasionally, the AQR in the female will drop abruptly after being in relationship with a high AQ male. If a male with a very low AQ is in contact with the formerly high AQR female, he has the possibility, at this point, to retrain her instincts, making it impossible for her to view a high AQ male as a potential mate again. And, as seen in the case of the author of the study, she will become fairly intolerant of the situation of other AQR females, not unlike a reformed smoker, drinker, or fundamentalist.

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