Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just a boring happy day in the hospital

Got into a room last night. We are back on the oncology floor. Ah, it feels like home. Amazing the difference in attitude being on the oncology floor after what looks like a successful surgery versus when being diagnosed.

Little Warrior is nursing, pooping, and doing all the things you want a 10 month old to do. Right now, she is holding onto the ribbon on a balloon K- brought. "It's my balloon and you can't have it." She is adorable, and all the nurses keep coming 'round to see the cutie. They don't get many babies on the oncology floor.

The Husband is off finding a wifi signal at Starbucks so he can email some work in. Tomorrow, he goes back to work, staying at home in the evenings. So, Little Warrior and I will be by ourselves here, which is fine.


Anne said...

Oh Im so glad..poop and sleep and balloons!

And I am looking at sweet potato queens on amazon right this second. Sound right up my ally..I just cant decide which ones to buy!

So..when do you guys think you will get to go home??

Lizard Eater said...

SPQ books: go to half.com to get them cheap. Read "Book of Love" first so you can understand the rest. Have butter, cocoa, sugar and eggs on hand so you can make the "chocolate stuff" recipe in the book.

Hoping to go home by the end of the week. But you know how that goes.

Anne said...

Im on it! And chocolate stuff sounds so good..I will stick AJ on that project!

Thinking about you today..hope things are going wel..