Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mission-Centered Committee on Ministry

Even though 90% of my brain is consumed with family and cancer, there is a small portion still allocated to my church and helping it to grow both numerically and in effectiveness.

Through this whole cancer-thing, I've learned a lot about ministry, as much of my church has ministered to us. We do not have a minister, full-time or otherwise, not out of choice, but economics. A lot of what a minister would do has been taken care of by our congregation. Friends have come up to the hospital, sat with us for hours, listened, talked, offered hope. They have fulfilled the spirit of Matthew 25:35, as they have fed us, clothed us (diapers for Little Warrior and their own sweatshirts for The Husband and me), given their literal blood, and mailed cards.

Like in many churches, when the subject of a Committee on Ministry has come up, it has usually been in the context of "we need someone to be the go-between with the minister" or "we need someone to deal with this problem person."

No minister now, but problem people ... well, there will always be at least one of those, right?

But I'm mulling over the idea of a Mission-Centered Committee on Ministry and how, not having a minister, we have even more of a need for it. A COM that, much in the way the Supreme Court is all about the constitution, is all about our mission. (We have a really great one.) What a concept, a group of individuals whose responsibility it is to make sure that we are working to fulfill the guidance of our mission.

Hmmm. Muse, muse, muse.

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