Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prisoner of Chillon

We are home. It feels really, really good.

As I was packing up at the hospital yesterday, I had the startling realization that if everything goes the way we'd like ... cancer beat, no infections, etc ... M-- might not be in a hospital room again until she's having her own baby, or some such.

That was thrilling.

When I left the room, and turned back to look and make sure I wasn't leaving anything -- I found myself taking a little moment to memorize the room in my head.

This morning, the memory of that makes me think of a poem I memorized in high school. The Prisoner of Chillon by Lord Byron.

"And thus when they appear'd at last,
And all my bonds aside were cast,
These heavy walls to me had grown
A hermitage -- and all my own!
And half I felt as they were come
To tear me from a second home ...
My very chains and I grew friends,
So much a long communion tends
To make us what we are: -- even I
Regain'd my freedom with a sigh."


Christine Robinson said...

Marenna...what a pretty name! May you both enjoy your freedom and leave the need for baby warrior behind for a while.

Cincinnati mom said...

hooray, hooray, hooray... so glad it continues to go well. one step at a time, but what a great road to be on. prayer is underrated in UU churches. I'll bet more people pray than admit it openly. I like the phrase- "your life is a prayer". A Jewish rabbi talked to our church a few weeks ago and talked about how orthodox Jews pray thanks after using the toilet for the miracle that their body works- acknowledging the most common miracles each day.

So glad to hear the continued good news. Hope it is all downhill from here.

Anne said...

Im so glad that you are home. :)

Lizard Eater said...

Rev. Christine: Doh! I slipped and let a real name out!

Cin Mom: I like that about the thanks after using the toilet. Those simple miracles.

Anne: Can't wait to get your good news post-surgery.