Saturday, April 15, 2006

Chemo Blues

So, I have a prescription called Zofram that is supposed to help with the nausea that chemo causes. However, Little Warrior just throws it up. There might be a suppository that she could take, but that would make *me* throw up. (Oh, I'm just kidding. If it would help, I'd give it to her. It couldn't be worse than forcing Captopril down her throat 3 times a day. )

Not too bad, though. Doing lots of nursing, wanting to be held 90% of the time. Oh, gee, I've got to cuddle an adorable baby all day. The torture of it all.

My other three, not having cancer, have been roly-polys, a fact which greatly concerned my slender family (I'm the only pudgy one) until they began noticing that at age 3 1/2, each one would suddenly stretch out and get skinny. But oh, the irony ... my father has made so many jokes about my butterball babies, and now this one ... he would give anything for her to gain some weight. Her little arms look like sticks. I think The Husband wants to try feeding her bricks of butter.

The doctor is unfazed, so I'm not worrying about it. I'm letting her nurse as often as she wants, which is about 50 minutes of every hour. You would think that the weight would be melting off of *me*, but life is unfair, which we've already learned, right?

Enough nattering on. My wing of the family is coming over for Easter tomorrow, before my parents return to their home on Tuesday. I should make some effort at picking up.


Anne said...

Yeah..I dont know what it is about the anti-nausea stuff. It either makes me feel sick or doesnt seem to mix well with something else I am taking. Bah.

You give that baby a little hug from me...

Hope your family has a wonderful Easter..

birthingjourney said...

Wow. what a journey you are on. My heart is with you. *hugs*

have the docs tried giving Anzamet?

Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham's Mom said...

This is where I stick my practical nose in to the picture. We found that we had to be diligent about the Zofran and keep up the every 8 hours thing. I never let them give her Zofran orally if she was having chemo and asked for it, insisted on it, demanded it, IV when ever possible.

Also when things were really bad they gave M-E a patch behind her ear that seem to take the edge off. Ginger and peppermint were our friends.
Now I had pre-teen and things might be different but anything is worth a try.