Monday, May 01, 2006

What a Difference in a Year

Last year, at this time, I was pregnant. Getting checked every week to see if the inhepatic cholestasis of pregnancy had begun, which I had with my other three. (Ironically, with Little Warrior, it never appeared.) Living in an excruciatingly clean house that was on the market, and in the process of purchasing this house.

I had pictures of the "new house," which is an old house, but new to us. I would look at these pictures, look at photos of the back yard with the 4 story pine trees, and daydream about the day we'd live here.

So here we are. A year later.

This morning, I walked the kids to school and on the way home, fell in love again. With my iPod. Materialism, very bad. But damn, I love that white rectangle. Listened to Pink, Willie Nelson, Black-Eyed Peas, Ray Charles and I dunno who else.

Took a long walk after dropping them off, listening to my tunes, pushing the double stroller with Little Warrior and Bo Peep, enjoying the somewhat cool morning.

Came home and sat out in the backyard, pushing Little Warrior in her swing, keeping up with 'Peep's babbling conversation, listening to a mockingbird, looking up up up at the pine trees.

Here I am.

What a year. Baby has been born, house bought, house sold, new school, new neighbors, vasectomy for The Husband, lots of family around for holidays in the new house, baby diagnosed with cancer, lots of family around for cancer, surgery for the cancer, chemo, The Husband changing job positions ...

The trees are as wonderful as I knew they'd be.

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