Friday, May 12, 2006

Blue Jay Bullies

Walked the kids to school, pushing Bo Peep and Little Warrior in the jogging stroller. Not that I ever jog.

Beautiful, cool, not-too-humid morning. After dropping the older two off for their day, the younger two and I went on a long walk, looking at people's yards (The Husband wants me to give him a list of plants I want him to plant for my Mother's Day present). Songbirds just making a beautiful racket. Robins and mockingbirds, mostly.

And the bluejays. Ho-ho. Got back home and there was a squirrel up on one of the pine trees in our front yard. A blue jay began chasing him, furiously. Now, if you've never seen a blue jay chase a squirrel, you have missed a sight. That ole blue jay thinks he's the size of an ostrich, and with all his wing-beating and screeching, the squirrel thinks so, too. Around and around the tree, over and under limbs ... finally, the squirrel ran down the tree, across the yard and hopped another tree.

Probably, the squirrel got close to ole Blue Jay's nest. But you never know. Blue Jays are mean ass birds that love to bully other birds, animals, heck, even small children.

Bo Peep was out of the stroller and got to watch the whole show. She laughed like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen.

And in our family, that's saying something.

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Anne said...

Hah..mean ass blue jays! That would be funny..