Monday, May 15, 2006

Not ennui ... and cheap Frappuccino

Ennui is such a good word, but it's not what I'm feeling. But we need a good word, like ennui, for this feeling ... mildly depressed, but you know you don't have a reason for it, so a little guilt mixed in, and you just kind of feel like a bored, bratty kid who goes and picks on their younger sister just for the heck of it. Nyah, nyah, nyah. I'm gonna eat worms.

We need a word for it. It's not depressed, and it's not ennui, and it's not sad, or bored, or lazy, or bratty, though those are all in it, too.

Moving along ...

I love "bizarre" recipes, if they're actually good. Like the Velveeta fudge. Or the tofu pie. Blow me down, they're actually quite good. As opposed to the recipe my Atkins-doing-friends have shared with me for mashed potatoes made with cauliflower.

Now, I happen to actually like cauliflower. I'm roasting some right now for soup. However, mashed cauliflower isn't mashed taters anymore than raw potato is a ripe juicy apple.

But here's a good recipe. It's not exactly like a Frappuccino, but it's pretty darn good, easy, cheap, and less calories than the original. And BIZARRE -- you have to put in a 5 second spray of Pam! But it works, it really does. You have to trust me on this. Go the recipe, and substitute cold coffee (even better, cold double-strength coffee) for the ice water:

Oh, just TRY it.


Anne said...

That reminds me that I meant to tell you that the tofu pie was GOOD! And I was surprised..after that a little pam in my milkshake is nothing!

Christine Robinson said...

melancholy? Blue? Langor?

How about post-partum depression? (having with much labor given birth to a cancer-free baby and a new self who is the mother of a baby who has had cancer?) This is no small matter. You must be exhausted! I hope you are pampering yourself by staring at the garden and taking naps when possible. Then the need to distract yourself by doing antsy things will go away.