Monday, May 22, 2006

Tivo and Tidbits

FYIs ...

Right now, they're running the Murphy Brown cancer shows on Nick at Night. At some ungodly time, like 3 am. I love Tivo. There's one coming up -- maybe tonight -- where Jim buys pot for Murphy. It's actually a *really* sweet episode.

The Husband and I have joked a bit about pot. I've never smoked any -- just wasn't my thing -- and liked the fact that I could tell our kids, hey, I never smoked pot. (And not be a hypocrite or a liar.) But during all this with Little Warrior, I've asked (tongue in cheek), shouldn't I smoke pot then nurse her to help her gain weight?

I haven't actually shared that joke with the doctors. You can never tell what they're going to take seriously.

And hey, I'm dieting anyway. Don't need anything to give me the munchies.

Well, Little Warrior's chemo (100% of Dactinomycin and Vincristine) got moved to tomorrow -- the day before her birthday -- rather than Thursday, the day after her birthday. Bummer. Oh well, that's one of the good things about her being a baby. She doesn't care.

I just discovered the wonderful world of yogurt cheese. With some Jezebel sauce (not diet food, but fat-free at least), can't tell the diff between it and cream cheese. And mixed with some unsweetened chocolate and a bit of sugar, spread on a graham cracker, it takes care of the "I've got to cheat" urge.

Another show I've been tivo'ing is "Pop Show" on VH1C. Ahhh, old friends. Well, that whole thing I reported about losing my cry-baby gene ... fuggedaboutit. Complete meltdown at watching REM's "Everybody Hurts."

When that song came out, my sister was planning her escape from her mentally-abusive husband. She was so depressed, almost suicidal. I put that song on a mix tape and she says she would play it over and over.

Best line in the song: "Take comfort in your friends."

Of which I have many. Dang, who sang the song ... someone, maybe Jimmy Buffett or John Denver, had a song in which he referenced going to see some friends, some of whom he'd never met.

Okay, that's going to drive me crazy.


Letty said...

*delurking* I think that's Goodbye Again by John Denver

Lizard Eater said...

That's it exactly!!! Thank you!!!