Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On 'I Love Lucy,' Hair and Maternity Fashion

One of those cheesy things that people say about having kids is that it's so much fun being able to share things with them; see things through new eyes.

Cheesy, but utterly true.

The Boy and I watched the 'I Love Lucy' where she has the baby. "Woodoo!" He was completely cracking up. This past weekend, I introduced him to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" which he has now identified as his favorite movie of all time. Cult-cha, cult-cha, cult-cha ...

In watching 'Lucy,' I realized something. When I began having babies (1995), we all complained about the "Lucy look" and big smocky-maternity tops with bows at the neck. By the time I had my fourth (2005), that look was out and skin-tight spandex maternity tops were in.

Guess which looks better?

I don't care if you have are one of the 5% of pregnant women who actually only gains weight in your tummy ... the popped-out belly button showing through your shirt is just not attractive. And to the other 95% of us, those tops also show the rolls of back fat that come along with pregnancy. And the pint of Ben & Jerrys every night.

Vive La Lucy!

Has PeaceBang's Beauty Tips for Ministers hit on maternity wear? Hmm, maybe if one is a pregnant minister, one could get away with just wearing a robe for 9 months. Tee-hee.

Seriously ... a little modesty during pregnancy is not a bad thing. Look at the photos of Gwen Stefani on the above mentioned website. Sexy and pretty, but loose and blousy, too.

And hair ... I have to echo PeaceBang's comment about seeing all the lank hair. It's not just me! All of a sudden, it seems like the big trend is "growing it out" hair. Whatever happened to hairdo's? I mean, I'm not talking the Southern woman's "mold it into a football helmet" hair, but you know, hairdos. Even "The Jennifer" was a hairdo.

Now, I will admit to being very fashion-challenged right now. My clothing must be a) nursing accessible, b) nursing-discreetly-able and c) No high heels, because I'm carrying Little Warrior in a sling. I am pleased to say that I have found some nursing clothes that are actually nice, and not in-your-face-I'm-a-Mom. http://expressiva.com/ . Generally, avoid "Motherhood" (the store, not the institution) for nursing apparel.

Not that you have to have nursing apparel. A nice top, raised up from the bottom, will work just fine.

Lastly ... if you're able to be pregnant, or have hair (whether it's lank or not) ... say a little 'thank you' to the universe tonight. Just another day in paradise.


Karen said...

Ah, yes, exactly. Remember when Jennifer Aniston was fake pregnant on Friends, and she would wear little shirts that allowed her belly to actually HANG OUT? This is only attractive if you are a) Jennifer Aniston and b) fake pregnant. It does not work otherwise.

Christine Robinson said...

is the baby in that picture really nursing?

Lizard Eater said...

I think so. I know that Motherwear uses nursing mom models.

Shocker: I've never had anyone say anything about me breastfeeding in public ... til the first time I took Little Warrior to the cancer clinic. A receptionist came over and asked if I wanted a blanket to put over LW. I was shocked, esp. since I was wearing a BFing shirt and you couldn't see anything. There was a nurse right there and she quickly said, oh no, there's no need for that.

I think the main thing is that they see so few babies with cancer. (Thank goodness.) Well, Little Warrior and I are educating the entire hospital, as she has nursed in the clinic, while getting an echocardiogram, and in just about every doctor's office.