Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogging About Cancer

Fuggedabout about Kubler-Ross's levels of grief. Nowadays, if you get cancer (or someone you love does), there are the 7 Cancer Levels of Internet:

1) You google like crazy all the terms you hear the doctors say, in an effort to know what's going on. Of course, the main thing you're searching for is what you have, and whether you'll survive it.

2) Because of all that googling, along with the medical sites, you land on some blogs of folks/parents dealing with cancer and read them furiously, going backwards to see how it was diagnosed and fast forwarding to see if the person is still alive.

3) You get on discussion lists with other people who have the kind of cancer you have.

4) If you're a parent, you start a "caringbridge" site or one like it, so that rather than answer the phone all day, you can post the patient's updates there.

5) You start your own personal blog.

6) You begin checking the blogs of a handful of other cancer patients/parents daily. As they do well, you rejoice. When they have a downturn, it is devastating to you.

7) You write about the fact that you read these blogs in your blog.

And here I am.

I just read on another site that May 17 is "Livestrong" day, and part of it involves a request for people to blog about cancer topics most important to them on that day.

For many of us 'doing the battle' right now, every day is Live Strong day. But I like the idea of lots of people picking that day to post about how cancer has affected them. Everyone has a story -- their own cancer scare, a favorite aunt, the neighbor down the street.

Or a really cute baby.


Oberon said...

......here's the cure.....visit....read....the way of peace.....pass it on.....save the world.

Anne said...

Wow..those are some pretty accurate steps..

I had no idea about the 17th..I think that is a really good idea.

I linked to you on my blog today..so you might see a random guest or two..hopefully they wont be too rowdy :)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, that is all so true.

May 17: The day WCB turns one! What a perfect day.

kitsunekaze said...

When babyguy was still on chemo, I took about a million books on leukemia out of the library. the best one had loads of info in it, but it also had chapters on death. which I didn't read. till after babyguy was chemofree for about a year, then I got that book out of the library again, and read that chapter. I still couldn't finish it. but I didn't need to. It was kind of like a superstition with me. If I didn't read it, it wouldn't happen.
I don't know your journey. I went on a similar journey, but not the same one. but I can tell you this:

A year from now, Little Warrior is gonna be just like every other kid, anywhere. You'll take her out, only you'll know how very special she is, other people will look at her, and see a beautiful toddler, and not know what she went through. not even guess. she'll be an ordinary, beautiful, special little girl, like all the other beautiful special little girls.

and that's the very best feeling, and I'm positive that you will know it.

Blessed be thee and thine.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the "Blog Against Cancer" idea on May 17th and LIVESTRONG Day.

Of course, it's only one day - as you say, LIVESTRONG is something you do the other 364 days a year too.

Barry Jackson
Lance Armstrong Foundation