Monday, May 08, 2006

Crawling is Over-Rated

Little Warrior can't crawl -- I think that she tried crawling before her surgery and found she couldn't lift her tumor-filled belly off the ground, so she's like a puppy who continues limping on three legs after the fourth has heeled.

She does, however, get wherever she wants to go through a combination of log-rolling and slithering.

I left her quietly playing with toys and stepped into the next room. I soon heard a machine's roar -- LW had slithered over and turned on the Roomba. She was not hurt, but since she had to get on top of the Roomba in order to push the buttons, she was, to say the least, a bit startled.

Later on in the day, after making sure she was far away from the Roomba, I again went into the kitchen. The time, she rolled over to the coffee table and got her head and shoulders wedged in it. Again, she wasn't hurt, but she was highly indignant about the entire situation.

Tomorrow, I'm pulling out her play pen.

1 comment:

Karen said...

LW and WCB would make quite the team. No Roomba would be safe!