Friday, March 10, 2006

Turn ON the Lights, the Party's Over

Pity party is over. Thank you for attending, please pick up your souvenir tote bag on the way out.

Two of my heroes threw a hand down into the abyss and pulled me up. Neither of them know they are my heroes (ewww, doesn't that sound like a cheesy song?).

I've never met her, or heard her speak, but I've been a huge fan of Rev. Christine Robinson for quite some time now. I found her sermons on the First Church Albuquerque site probably a couple of years ago. Thought they were brilliant, even printed a lot of them out and sent them to my parents. Planned on asking her permission to share some of them in our church's "new UU" orientation. (Hadn't gotten around to taking on the job of orientations when this began.) To a UU seminary geek like me, she's Elvis.

In a penultimate coincidence (most people think penultimate means "beyond" ultimate. I means "one shy of ultimate," or in this case, "we're both Unitarian and this blog is linked to some other blog sites"), the very Reverend visited my blog when I was feeling very lost and left a little comment to let me know I wasn't alone.

Isn't that just like a UU minister to be on sabbatical (I read her profile) and yet still ministering. To a stranger, yet.

Well, that coincidence propelled me enough out of my funk to go back to the UU Alb. site. Found a sermon I hadn't yet read, called Singing in the Dark.

It was about that time that the mail came, and with it, "The Essential Willie Nelson," cd.

I don't just like Willie's music, which I was raised on, but I like the man. I like what he does with his celebrity. I kinda think that if Jesus were to return, he might kinda look and act like ole Willie. At the very least, he'd hang out with him.

So, I'm reading the Rev's sermon about making it through the dark times, and listening to Willie sing "If you've got the money, honey, I've got the time ..." I defy anyone to stay in a bad mood listening to that song.

I'm sure I'm going to be sad again. But right now, the sadness is because of fear, fear of what I can imagine happening in the future. Today, Little Warrior is playing and squealing. We're having tacos for dinner and the kids started spring break. The Husband is bringing home a copy of the latest Harry Potter movie as a surprise. Classify these as good times.

Thank you, Rev. Robinson. Thank you, Willie.

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