Monday, March 13, 2006

More news tomorrow

Well, we had a good 4 day weekend. Little Warrior seems to be feeling fairly good. She's sleeping a bit more than normal, but hey, she had two scoops of chemo on Thursday.

I've been able to just enjoy the time at home, but now I have "Sunday night disease." If you've ever had a job you detested, you know that illness. You'd like to keep enjoying the rest of your day, or evening, but your stomach has that sinking feeling and a voice keeps whispering, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow."

Nothing horrible, tomorrow, just a potential for more bad news. We're meeting with the cardiologist. I don't entirely know what's going to happen. They might do an EKG, but the nurse today said they *won't* do another echocardiogram.

So, tomorrow is a "no eye makeup" day. In case there's any need to cry.

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