Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Attitude isn't everything ...

...but it's something.

Okay, so we got the news today that Little Warrior will have surgery in two weeks. The breath was a bit knocked out of me; I didn't really think it would be that soon.

Here's the deal. I can look at it as "these could be the last two weeks of her life." Or, I could look at it as "two weeks from now, she could be cancer-free!"

Though I generally am a glass half-full kind of person, I don't have much patience with the "blow sunshine" people. You know, the "everything will be okay" people. The "God never gives you more than you can handle" people.

But this is just survival. If I take the cheerful view of things, and events wind up NOT cheerful, has that cost me anything? No. Will I be more prepared for the worst? No. The worst would be the worst and there's no preparing for it.

If I take the fatalist approach, would it mean that I would cherish the next two weeks more? Nope. I'd be weepy and sad. However, if I take the positive view, then I will be more cheerful, which means I can genuinely enjoy my time with Little Warrior and the rest of the family.

So, prescription for the next two weeks: lots of pizza, watching movies together, and getting ready for positive things.

Either a positive outcome will happen or it won't. Either way, I've had that two weeks.


Christine Robinson said...

What a great attitude! Every moment that you can keep it is a blessing for you and your family. Thanks for you kind words last week. Email me if you'd like. I went through a cancer drama myself a few years back, and while it was infinitely easier for me to do that myself than to go though it with my child, still...I know the ups and downs.

I keep you in my prayers.


Lizard Eater said...

Thank you, Christine. And by the way, I'm really enjoying your blog. I think the ideas you have and the issues you bring up are really going to help UUism stop being "the best secret in America."