Monday, March 20, 2006

Obladi, Oblada 2

Early morning can be just as bad as night ... maybe worse, because you have no control. You wake up with a thought in your head that you dreamed or that is continuing from the night before.

This a.m. "If the worst happens, I need to get a copy of 'The Little Prince' for the service, because my copy is in French."


That was followed by loud barking and little girl screams, as Bo Peep and the Princess came down the stairs, startling the dog, who was in the house because it's raining, who began barking, startling the girls and making them scream and cry. That lives in the house that Jack built.

They came and got in bed with Little Warrior and myself. So, there I am, Little Warrior on my left, Bo Peep curled up on my right arm, the Princess lying slap in the middle of me. So I was vividly reminded that I am not just the mother of one.

The morning has begun, Teletubbies and Cookie Crisp (I miss being able to do the grocery shopping). It's raining outside, which I love.

Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On ...

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