Thursday, November 30, 2006


Little Warrior is my role model for enthusiasm.

For a while, the word of the day ... many days ... was "No." I think all moms get to experience this one. Out of the blue, your sweet baby learns the word "No" and begins delighting in its power. Want bananas? NO. Want cereal? NO. Want to take a nap? NO!

Little Warrior enjoyed the word so much, she'd just sit by herself, saying it over and over. "No no no no no no no no," she told her blocks.

Granted, it was a word she'd heard a lot of.

Well, now we've discovered "Yeah," and as much power "No" had, "Yeah" is even cooler. Actually, not Yeah. "Yeah!" always with an exclamation point. And strung together -- "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!" She's so enthusiastic. Thrilled. Want a cookie? "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!"

I think I'm going to start responding like that. So often, I automatically say "No thank you" to offers. Sample in the store, helping me out with my bags -- No, thank you.

Huh. Wonder how they'll react when I say:

"Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!"

1 comment:

Anne said...

I cant remember being excited about anything enough to say Yeah Yeah Yeah!

I more of a no kinda girl myself.