Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Deep Listening" covenant group

Wow. Mind-expanding session with no hallucinogens.

Our congregation is doing "Big Questions" covenant groups, that began this month. We have several of these groups meeting. We all have the same question and readings each month, but the group I facilitate is operating a little differently.

We're functioning as an "orthodox covenant group," if you will. Meaning: absolutely no cross-talk, speaking only from your own experience, taking several breaths of silence after each person speaks, before someone else speaks. It's a way of really being able to focus on what the other folks are saying, without interrupting or having your mind race with what you'll say when the person is done speaking.

We agreed at the end of tonight's meeting that it can be challenging -- but is absolutely worth it. The process takes what can already be a powerful time and transforms it even further.

Our question tonight was the bland-sounding, "What does God look like?" In this venue, it took on a life of its own. I won't even try to summarize all that was said, but ooooh, I'm feeling so grateful to be in the group. The "oneness" of us all, why it's easier to see the divine spark in others than it is to see it looking (literally) in the mirror ... lots of great insights and visualizations from my group members.

Totally, totally, totally what I needed.

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