Saturday, November 11, 2006

UU Bloggers and TV

Happy Cindy asks, what do UU Bloggers watch?

I enjoy seeing what others watch. Just last Sunday, I mentioned in my sermon that yes, some UU's do occasionally turn off NPR and watch television.

My answers:

Do you have cable?
DirecTV with tivo.

Do you have a television in more than one room?
One in the living room, one in the game room. None in the bedrooms. Nevah!

Do you watch television on your computer?

What are your favorite shows?
Shalom in the Home
Grey's Anatomy
Gilmore Girls
Good Eats
Daily Show/Colbert
America's Test Kitchen
Little People, Big World

What old[er] shows do you love to watch in re-run?
Cosby Show ... while grumbling that no one can make a modern family sitcom wherein the parents aren't idiots and the kids aren't allowed to be smart-asses

What are favorite shows you hate to admit to?
Guiding Light -- the 5 minute "are there any storylines I want to watch" version
Oprah, the arbiter of What's Going On In America

As I think I mentioned in a previous post ... I recently realized that I enjoy TIVOing through my wishlist words to see what shows come up, more than I do actually watching the shows.

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