Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We should be leaving here in about an hour, going for home, but right now Little Warrior is snoozing while red blood is being pumped into her.

Not unusual -- after this round of high-duty chemo, her hemoglobin was low, so we're punching it up with some fresh blood.

Blood, I tell you. BLOOD. Someone else's blood is going into my baby's body. (Actually, several someone elses.)

I'm just agog, in awe of the significance of this. Someone went down to the blood drive, or blood mobile or what have you, rolled up their sleeve, and now their blood is going into LW's body.

She was a bit grey this morning. Now, her cheeks have pinked up. According to the head nurse-practitioner over here, it'll give her lots of energy. According to a cancer-parent-friend of mine who dropped by today, "Yeah, it'll give her energy. She'll be up til midnight."

Um, can I get a shooter of that?

I can't give blood, which bugs me to no end. I wanna be part of the cycle! If you can, and if you do ...

Thank you.


Ali said...

I can, and I do. I'm a universal donor. And I gave blood on Mother's Day, and thought of Little Warrior while I did so.

Earthbound Spirit said...

A long, long time ago, my late father received 10 units of blood during heart surgery. The next blood drive I was in line to give - and I gave regularly until I couldn't anymore (stupid boring health stuff). The dh gives regularly, scheduling his next appt. at the blood center as soon as he finishes his orange juice after giving.

Terri said...

Thank you for this reminder. I have given blood in the past, but it's been too long since my last appt. I remember growing up my dad giving blood as often as he could--he was on the Red Cross list, and would get calls from them on a regular basis. For him, it was a routine part of life. There are so many ways to give that we don't think about often enough. (i.e. a friend of mine is on a marrow donor list--and just got a call that she may be a match. She is so excited for this opportunity.)