Monday, June 02, 2008

Only a mother would say

There are certain things that only a mother would say. I mean, that's the great thing about us moms. Maybe you've scaled a mountain, or won an Oscar, or invented the internet, but Mom'll still say, "Yeah, but remember when you were 12 and you put a hammer in the microwave?"

I'm guilty. I'm that kind of Mom. Really, I'm horrible. Ask The Boy. He was trying to open a bottle of mustard and being boneheaded about it (according to my friend SinglePowerMom), and he laughed and said, "Well, Mom's always asking how is it that I'm in GT classes?" (gifted and talented).

Okay, so I shrank 3 feet when she retold this, laughing. But shamefaced, I was laughing, too. Well, they have to have something to tell their therapists when they grow up.

Anyway, we were coming back from the floor playroom and Little Warrior started to climb into her bed. "You don't need to climb back in bed," I fussed. "You're not sick, you just have cancer."

Send those therapy checks to ...

Oh, and I'm sure she'll kill me when she's a teenager, but check out the latest video on Love Through Action. She says, "I fahhted." Tee-hee.

Lizard Eater. Embarrassing children since 1995.


uumomm said...

Thanks for the giggle. Here and over at the video. (And I won't tell you what kind of things I say to and about my lovely ones.)

plaidshoes said...

I don't even want to ponder the things I have said to my children! I look at it as at least they will have something to talk to eachother about!

Ms. Theologian said...

The farting video was very funny!