Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Torture Myself?

If I were a priest, I'd probably read Playboy. When I'm on a diet, I do read cookbooks, and not the low-cal ones.

Which all goes to explain why I went to the website for my seminary. Just looking.

On the homepage is the Spring Graduation picture. Couldn't help but wistfully wonder if I will ever be in that picture. Then, I downloaded the Fall schedule. I don't know why. Little Warrior will be in treatment, with hospital stays, through at least October. Not that my mind would be in the right place for classwork.

Of course ... perfect schedule in the Fall. I go to a small seminary, taking night classes. Getting classes I need is hard enough, getting classes I both need and want is a challenge. This Fall, it would have been easy.

Mope, mope, mope.

Well (shaking it off) ... you know, when I did this the last time, I didn't think I would ever go back to seminary, nor want to. So at least I don't have to struggle with that again.

But you'll have to excuse me. I'm going to go find some 19 year old who gets to go to school full-time and doesn't appreciate it. And pinch her.

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jbgrinch said...

At almost 50 I do the same thing every day wondering if what life has done to me is the path I was supposed to be on. I look back and have to say that it is not what I would have done BUT I am happy with where I am today even with the losses and suffering I have endured. I do pray that someday you will be able to say the same for yourself. Your family and LW are in my prayers.