Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, the Universe Loves to Laugh

At me.

As I drove LW to her chemo appt today, I was mentally writing a blog entry titled -- no lie -- "I don't believe in unicorns anymore." All about how I used to be a fanciful person, unicorns, fairies and teddy bears, but reality has shown me something different.

And then I turn on MSNBC and see ...

A real, live, unicorn.

The Universe. Unfolding more and more lessons every day.


Every 7th Day said...

Sorry, baby girl. I ain't buying it. You can't ride that thing. What's the point of a unicorn if you can't gallop through the glades?

I've missed you. Been too sick for blogging (reading or writing)but think of you and the crew often. You know that if I was feeling better and LW was out of the infection woods I'd fill that pulpit for you, right?

And you and I both said "mini-me".

Masasa said...

I don't know. That seems like the universe involved in something pretty spectacular, every 7th day, ride-able or not. Wild that you saw that, Lizard Eater, in any case...I didn't. Thanks for sharing!