Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Little Stresses We ALL Have

Okay, first of all ... no need for apologies for complaining about petty stuff on MY account. As UUMomma said to me, we're not in a competition. Yeah, it's nice to think that Big Things Like This put everything into perspective, but they don't always. Even if you're sitting in the ICU with someone you love, it still hurts when you flip Entertainment Weekly the wrong way and get a paper cut. Yowch.

I mean, I'm right in the big muddy of it, and what is stressing me out? The fact that I have to find 100% free speakers for our church (preachers and talkers, not stereo equipment) and the fact that my house is a mess and the fact that I really need to do laundry and the fact that I had a filling fall out of my mouth last night, so I somehow have to figure out how to go to the dentist, and sooner rather than later.

So me? Perspective? Right at the moment, not really.

And that's okay. Because life goes on. Obladi oblada.


ogre said...

100% free?

Yowch. My wife's our Sunday Services/Worship Committee chair and does a marvelous job of it--and the budget's tight this year and filling the summer... will cost $300, I think. Someone commented on that, and she told them she thought that they were paying for one minister, one professional, to speak, and the rest was gratis and that people should be in awe, considering the mandate to maintain a consistent level of excellence...

Heck, and we're in a fellowship with a long tradition of lay led services, and don't let the minister have more than 3 services in the month, the rest of the year. So we have... well, tradition and a certain base of people who we know we can call on in house.

Good luck with that; it could be an interesting challenge.

Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham's Mom said...

I thought that during M-E's treatment the laundry monster just invited friends to visit our basement and play. I finally found that when ever people asked what they could do,I told them they could come and slay the monster. I lit a candle at church for you yesterday. I am confident the load will be washed, dried, folded and put away soon or the kids can just wear shorts.
I too found that People Magazine could cut a bit. Hang in there. it has to be so so scary but you have done it before with grace and courage.