Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nature Girl

Despite what I call her on this blog, The Princess is actually a nature girl. Picking up toads, talking to any animal that crosses her path, and gardening. She loves to plant things.

Today is her 9th birthday. We are living in neutropenia land this week (Little Warrior's ANC = .54), so no friends are allowed over, no going out to eat. No problem.

She and The Husband got up and built a square frame for a raised garden, then went to the home improvement store and bought garden soil and plants. No flowers for this princess. Cantaloupe, strawberries, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and banana peppers. "But I have to share it, right?" she asked, second in a string of 4 children. Nope, we told her. Her eyes grew wide. "It's just mine????"

Truth is, none of her siblings shows any inclination towards gardening. My father always had a vegetable garden, my mother can't be anywhere for 1 month without planting flowers (today, she borrowed my digger fork to put some plants around their RV here) ... it must be a recessive gene, since only 1 of 4 received it.

Me, I'm a cook. I have a couple of pots of herbs in my window box, but that's the most of it. So, I made her this for her birthday dessert.

Time to open presents ... The Boy bought her a Hannah Montana wig. Her cup runneth over.

Me ... 9 years ago, I had my first daughter; someone so smart, so incredibly creative and talented that she can sit down with a sack of odds and ends and craft something beautiful, she can pick up any instrument and be able to pick out a tune.

My cup runneth over, too.

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ms. kitty said...

What lovely children you have, LE. We are privileged to hear about them, when you share your world.