Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Lizard Eater and Gay Men Have in Common

We've both been asked to NOT donate blood.

Just got a letter from my regional Blood Center. I donated blood about a month ago. Per their letter, something in my blood gives a false positive for Hepatitis C. They go on to emphasize that they did further testing and I do NOT have Hep C, I just have weird blood.

"We must ask you not to donate blood."

I hated the anti-gay-donor thing ever since I heard about it, found it to be ridiculous and hypocritical, but I didn't register it on a personal level before.

I admit it, I feel hurt that I can't donate blood. I don't blame them, in my case. My blood would gum up the whole process, make them do additional testing, etc. But after all the blood that Little Warrior was given, I'm disappointed on a personal level that I can't do my little bit for the world in this easy way.

Donating blood is such a gift, not only to the receiver, but to the giver. It's such a tangible way to express our desire to help out. Just witness the rush to blood centers after 9-11 or a natural disaster.

When Little Warrior was first diagnosed, that was one of the first things our church did, was set up a blood drive.

Imagine if LW had a beloved uncle, and he wasn't allowed to give blood, because he is gay. No matter his behavior. No matter how good his blood is.

I'm a straight, monogamous, never-did-drugs mom in tennis shoes. But my blood can't help anyone.

His could.


Ms. Theologian said...

I can't give blood either. I have a totally benign blood disease that makes my blood cells small and looks like I have leukemia. But I don't. In any case, it's ridiculous that you can't give blood, especially since we hear about the blood shortages all the time and your blood is fine.

You don't know me but... said...

I can't give blood either. I lived in Europe for a bit and now the "blood gods" feel that I may have the Mad Cow (I don't, it's a precaution the Red Cross takes...bless them all for their wonderful work). I do feel the slightest tinge of worthlessness every time a blood drive comes around. I can empathize...

Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

Well, I'm gay, so must be dripping with the plague. Since reason doesn't seem to speak to the Red Cross -- if they won't take my blood, they won't have my money.

Plenty of good causes out there.

Nancy said...

Oh sheesh. My mother had an error show up on the RC's computer saying she had HIV or something, and when the problem was resolved, they claimed they couldn't get rid of the computer flag. I thought my mom was going to kick Elizabeth Dole's bony a-- (president of the RC at the time). She wrote a letter to her and everything.

My mother gave gallons of blood over the years and now feels like a freak...I don't think they gave her the whole story of why she can't donate anymore.

Erin said...

I was told I can't give blood because I was treated for Wilms. That and donate organs. Despite it being 24 years ago....

I suspect LW will be in the same boat unless future testing shows the higher blood powers that it is okay.

Karen said...

I can't give blood either because of all of the evil cancer drugs floating around in there. Nobody would want to get my poisonous blood, of course, but still. I used to give blood all the time. I liked having a medical professional tell me to go lie down and eat cookies.

Every 7th Day said...

My mama works at a blood bank so I try to give blood. Ever since the babies, though, not enough iron. So, I'm a big blood bank reject, too. Nice to be in such good and vociferous company.