Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me and The Husband

Last year, I wrote about how The Husband and I share the same birthday. Such a gift from the universe. He is precisely 1 year older than me, which means that this year, he hits 39. The last year of his 30's ...

Due to the fact that childhood testing was poor back then (I know -- tons of stories to say it ain't so great now), The Husband is also the same "class of" as I. Rather than recognizing that he was 75% deaf, it was decided that he was mentally retarded. By the time they got it figured out, he was a year older, so he started kindergarten at age 6. He will tell you that many people, including fast food workers, also confuse deafness with mental retardation, but that's another story.

Our birthday is not particularly exciting this year. I'm giving him cracked rock (for our backyard) and he's giving me mulch (for our flowerbeds). But isn't this part of getting older? We are both pleased as punch with our impending gifts. Simple stuff.

And even more simple: on Saturday, we were sitting in an outside seafood dive with our crew, listening to gulls fuss and a musician do Jimmy Buffett covers. I looked at my watch and realized -- June 16. JUNE 16. The one year anniversary of Little Warrior's last chemo.

She's now been off treatment for one year.

Yep. Great birthday.


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Nancy said...

Happy HAPPY birthday to both of you. How cool you can share the day.

Congrats also on being one year out for LW. That's big!

Enjoy your rocks & mulch. I'm actually jealous!