Monday, June 04, 2007

Meadville-Lombard Modified Residency Program

Has anyone done it? Thoughts? How did your "home" (non UU) school treat you, since you were taking classes at their school, but not planning on graduating there?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

ML is doing a Summer Intensive session at First U in Dallas, and it looks like a big part of it involves change theory. I'm sure it's way too late to register, considering I'm not even an accepted student of ML, but I'm drooling. After our experience this past week, we need some good learnin' about change. It feels like we're poised to really start making our church dreams come true (a minister, please God!), but there's going to be some real growing pains. If anyone has any good, practical books on the topic, let me know.

In our church, there seem to have been two school's of thought about change. a) Just push on through, never slow down, and don't think about collateral damage. And b) If we just love each other enough, and collaborate on every decision, then somehow we'll get there.

I think both of those leave something to be desired.


Anonymous said...

Registration is still open for the Dallas intensive.

Anonymous said...

I've written on this before; at our church we've been most successful with change when we've walked a middle ground in between the two extremes you gave in this blog; it is hard to walk that middle ground- but consensus takes FOREVER and at some point you have to agree to differ with love and respect, and make sure the other viewpoint feels heard. That is what most people want- to be heard- keep the focus always on what is best for the church, and I hear that you are concerned that we might lose....- let's talk about how to institute change so we are sensitive to that issue... Long Range planning helps to get everyone focused on the same goals, and to hear concerns about those goals. The product to me isn't as important as the process that brings the community together based on 2 rounds of doing this at my church.

Forcing change down folks throats is like forcing your kids to clean their plate- it works short term, but not long term in terms of baggage and weight.

"Trials" have worked well in my experience- let's try this change for 3 months and then evaluate if it is working and we want to continue. It is easier to commit when it is clear that everyone will be heard when the trial period is done- and adjustments will be made if needed.

I have ton of books on church change and leadership. The best stuff I've gotten on it though wasn't from reading, it was from Growth Workshops and conferences sponsored by UUA. If you have never gone to a national growth conference, you will learn a lot both from the leaders and the other participants.

Another idea: could your church partner with a consulting minister at x hours per week to get some input and guidance on these issues? Sometimes churches (without minister) in our area partner with a minister in a nearby church who offers consulting and support with the agreement of their own church, as a service to the denomination. Or someone retired may want to earn a little.... some ideas to consider.

Cincinnati mom

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easy to be a student at large at ML
Just call

the Academic office Administrator

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Much thanks to all the anonymouses. Anonymi? ;)

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