Saturday, June 02, 2007

Swamp Thing Dog

I cannot post this on Weight of the World, my blog dealing with religious persons and healthy living. It breaks the laws of good nutrition, whole foods, and to some, undoubtedly, good taste and common decency.


Take a big hot dog bun. Not one of those wimpy ones. On your grill, cook up some Nathan's hot dogs. That's one of those things you Yanks really do best -- franks. Stuff your bun (dirty mind, I'm talking food here) with frank, chili, queso, caramelized onions, guacamole, and candied jalapenos.

Anyone here watch The Cosby Show back in the 80's? Remember the gusto in which they said, "Bacon-BURGER-DAWWWWWG!"

Well, no great name like that for mine. But I think, on account of the guac, I christen thee, "Swamp-Thing-Dog." (Hmm, it's a UU dog. "I dedicate thee ...")

Ahhhh. And I guess this does sum up my philosophy on nutrition/dieting/health: there's gotta be room in there for a chili dog once in a while or I ain't buying.

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