Monday, April 07, 2008

Barebacking Cobras

Okay, whoever the little entity is, inside my brain, who is responsible for deciding the offering for my viewing pleasure after I go to sleep, I want him fired.

Same old, same old theme. Scans are tomorrow and my subconscious is fretting that I'm just not fretting enough!

A couple of nights ago, it was a giant. There was a rather stupid giant living in our house. Fairly innocuous, but we knew he could turn on us. And eat us.

Last night, it was cobras. I was sleeping kinda on my stomach, and there were two cobras stretched out on my bareback. They were just relaxing, so I wasn't in an immediate state of fear. But I was reminding myself to stay relaxed, stay calm. Don't tense up, because they were right on my back, and they would feel it. And that might startle them, and make them attack.

I'd like to order a sexy dream, please. Or a dream about bread, since I just started South Beach.

Anything but cobras and giants.


ms. kitty said...

Okay, it's Wednesday and we haven't heard how the scans went. Is everything okay?

Lizard Eater said...

Follow-up appointment isn't til next Monday. Although, I kinda assume (knock wood) that if were bad, they wouldn't have us wait a week.

Anna Banana said...

Thinking of you and LW.