Sunday, July 13, 2008

A real life visit!

Well, today was a good day. For one thing, between the pre-chemo doses of Benadryl and hydrocortisone, plus changing to Etopophos (Etoposide, but different manufacturer), Little Warrior had no allergic reaction. Since the doctors this morning casually mentioned, "...and we might, then, need to move her to ICU ..." I am feeling much relieved.

While I was nervously eyeing LW for bumps, bites, hives, and anaphylactic shock, I had a most welcome distraction -- a visit from a real, live, Unitarian Universalist minister!

I'd heard that they existed, and even imagined meeting one, one time, myself, in Albuquerque. But looking back, it has taken on a dream-like quality. I chalked that up to eating too much green chile at lunch.

Well, I won't name names, but he was funny, kind, and generous with his thoughts and time. Funny -- a bit hysteric, some would say. Such a nice cleric.

We are in agreement about several things, including the fact that Philocrites is the Kevin Bacon of the UU set. No UU is ever more than 7 degrees away from him at any time.

In addition to being a cool guy, Rev. Visitor gave me a peek into the nurturing community that UU ministers create to support each other. It makes me feel good about the group I wish to someday join forces with.

Is that a little too Jedi?


Sean said...




Makes being the president of my district UUMA chapter seem like so much more fun!

May the Force be with you.

hysteric cleric said...

Yeah, you haven't lived until you've seen Philocrites re-enact the Footloose dance routine in the steel mill.

Yes, LE, there is a UU minister--many of us, actually. Seriously, it was good to see you, and I'm so glad LW got through today's round reaction-free. I'm glad she was able to sleep through our conversation, too. But then, I'm used to people sleeping through my sermons.... [No one did that today.]

Re: Jedi - If anyone ever tries to call you "young padawan learner," immediately challenge them to a lightsaber duel, for truly, they are of the dark side.

Lizard Eater said...

Feedback on yesterday's speaker was, of course, glowing and enthused.

I am hoping that for many people the thought process continues to:

"Hey! A professional UU minister! Where can we get us one of them thangs???"

Philocrites said...

Ha ha! Actually, though, I bet every UU clergyperson or former seminarian could be the Kevin Bacon of the UU set: We're a pretty small network, once you're plugged in at the national level. I'm still amused, though.