Sunday, July 20, 2008

Limitless Undying Love

So, LE, how are you getting through all this?

Red wine helps.

No need to schedule the intervention ... yet. Truth is, there are other things that help more, not to denigrate the red wine, which has its place, especially a good Malbec.

The hysteric cleric asked me how I was "feeding" myself. Well, in general, I'm staying away from Niebuhr and even Spong. Anything deeper than Huffington Post isn't getting a lot of my attention. No offense to HuffPo. So much for the summer reading list I'd been making for myself before All of This, The Sequel.

I'm playing my guitar a lot. The internet means that you can find basic chords for just about any song (except Good Times, which I guess I'll have to find the sheets for), so I've been having fun playing old and new stuff.

Something about playing and singing a song means that you get more intimate with it than just listening. I've always enjoyed the Beatles' Across the Universe, but somehow I never stopped on the significance of one phrase from the song:

Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

Limitless undying love.

Limitless undying love.

Right now, at this moment, that's as good a definition of God as I know.


Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham's Mom said...

We are coming up on the 4th aniversery of "diagnosis day". My subscription to People Magazine expires at the end of July. News was too horrifying. Sad movies, out. News on T.V, Oh I don't think so. When People made a stab at "real news", it was recyled as fast as it came in the door.

During early Cancer World time, God did not need to come through books or movies or inspirational tapes or even going to church. She was so so real in the continuing acts of kindness and love that came to through the door of the house, the hospital room, the mail.

God fed me and taught me that those little acts we do, that take no time or effort, are the best kind.

jbgrinch said...

if you need more music check out
they have a great source for music and words for traditional folk and some singer songwriter type music.

Hope that things are still going well Ill keep you both in my prayers