Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got fresh strawberries? Make these cupcakes!

Well, Little Warrior and I are getting pretty addicted to taking cupcakes every week to clinic. My thighs, however, registered a complaint. No problem ... make cupcakes in a flavor I don't like; in this case, fresh strawberries.

I used this recipe for Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes, using fresh strawberries for both the cake and frosting.

The Husband practically swooned, and he's not that much of a cake person.

So, tomorrow we take 4 dozen fresh strawberry cupcakes to clinic.

And my thighs sent me a thank-you note.


ogre said...

Um, but... we like strawberries.

This would not be helping.

ms. kitty said...

Egad, you can resist fresh strawberries? What a radical you are!

plaidshoes said...

How can you not like stawberries!?! Those cupcakes sound fantastic.

I think it is so great that you bring cupcakes every week. I am sure all the patients must look forward to this special, yummy treat.