Saturday, July 05, 2008


Do you have a relationship with someone where you are so connected, you know that there has to be something to ESP?

I do. My sister. Since I was about 15, we've been connected in such a way that when I was in my 20's, I used to joke that if I had sex, she lit a cigarette. Maybe we were connected before that, but if so, I didn't realize it. We are 16 years apart, so it's not like we grew up whispering confidences to each other late at night in the den.

Tonight, I just felt so low. So low, and without an immediately discernible reason. (I know, I know, my daughter has cancer. Believe it or not, you don't brood on that 24-7. At a certain point, it becomes normal and you get on with life. Until the next scans, anyway.)

So, I just had this overpowering compulsion that I must call my sister. I did and poof -- that's why the blue feeling. She is low.

We talked. And connected. But ...

Yet another dilemma of the minister ... the irony, that often you can't minister to those you love most.


ogre said...

No, you can't. Not ministerially. But there's a comfort in being cared for by those you're close to. Of course, being so close, there's no ability to keep that certain ministerial distance that allows ministry.

Or something like that.

I've had flashes of the sort of peculiar closeness you refer to--but there are better examples in my family. No real idea why, so I just acknowledge it and move on without trying to label it.

Anonymous said...

Little Warrior, this comes from way over in Richmond, Virginia, and is a message for you to cheer up. Rev. Alane, one of our ministers here, said you might like to hear a cheery message. I like your name. I am 1/8th Native American. Carroll