Monday, July 07, 2008

Feed Lizard Eater!

Not literally. And please, no lizards, frogs, or anything else green and slimy. (That means you, okra.)

But tell me your ideas and food finds. We're (hopefully, if counts are good) going in the hospital for 6 days on Thursday. So, the criteria for your suggestions:

* I'll have a dorm-size refrigerator. No freezer to speak of.
* I don't have time/inclination to pre-cook an array of delightful dishes to take.
* I have a hot pot.
* I have access to a microwave.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of things that are tasty? Things where I don't have to take a lot of peripheral ingredients. e.g. Tuna salad ... I'd have to take mayo, and pickle relish, and spices.

I've looked in the grocery store. My, those shelf-stable Hormel things really look like dog food, don't they?

Will be taking: some pasteurized eggs and bread so that LW can have her eggy and toast. (The food is really bad here, so I take some stuff to supplement her schlock.) Oh yes, there's a toaster in the family room, too. But no toaster oven.

And cashew butter. And diet sodas for me. American cheese for LW. Ewww, I know. But it's something she craves. And pickles for the same reason. So, no, I won't have a lot of room in the fridge.

Coffee and my french press. And I'll be taking some ramen noodles to toss with homemade peanut butter sauce. So I'll premake if it takes 5 minutes or less. Mmm, comfort food.

In return for your suggestions, I have sacrificed myself and sampled the new Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino at Starbucks. Mint lovers, we now have a summer flavor. (And yes, it tastes different than the peppermint mocha.) I hate to ruin the surprise for you, but I will ... when they give it to you, it's covered with chocolate whipped cream. Swoon ...

Hi. I'm Satan. Happy to lead you down the path to diet ruin.


Bea said...

Easy, yummy things that I make in the microwave at work, no fridge/freezer needed:

-instant brown rice with a little can of peas & carrots added, top with soy sauce and cashews - simple but so yummy

-Campbell's vegetarian veggie soup, add only half a can of water, pour in some couscous - very filling

Christine Robinson said...

Hummus and Pita. (alternate with Hummos and vegitable sticks from the ready-to-eat part of the produce dpt. Very dense, nice treat. Cashews and cheese sticks. Progresso can opener necessary. And a very good chocolate bar to nibble on...Lord knows you deserve a major treat at the end of the day!

Blessings, Christine

patrice said...

Use your favorite tortillas (most don't need refrigeration) along with your favorite shredded cheese out of a bag. Nuke for 15-25 seconds depending on the microwave.
The tortillas are also great with peanut butter all rolled up - IMHO.

ms. kitty said...

That walnut butter you turned us all onto is really great too, especially on great bread.

Julie B said...

A friend recommended freeze dried refried beans. i found a quart box. They tasted good and I only had to mix up what we would eat instead of opening a whole can.

The Diff said...

For a fun snack, you can always microwave popcorn and then add some seasoning (cinnamon-chocolate: chocolate pudding and cinnamon...parmesan-ranch: shredded parm. and ranch salad dressing parm. cheese, crushed dried Italian seasoning).

Another fun snack - traffic lights. Spread the cashew butter on a graham cracker and then place a slice of red apple, a slice of yellow apple, and a slice of green apple on top.