Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Novelty Has Worn Off

Lizard Eater is feeling bratty.

Thursday, we're supposed to go in the hospital for a 6 day stay. Let me tell you, the difference between a 4 day stay, ending on Sunday, and a 6 day stay, ending on Tuesday, is much more than 2 days. I think it must be some sort of dog years thing. 1 hospital day = 5 regular days.

Bags are mostly packed. Well, except for clothes, they always are. At the start of all this, I cleaned out a closet, and it is exclusively The Hospital Closet. We get home, and everything goes in there -- dorm fridge, toy box, dvd bag, clothes bags. I wash the laundry and put some fresh stuff in the reading bag, but that's about it. A few more bribe toys in the the Bribe Bag.

(I have a friend who explains that it's not bribing ... bribing is when you give someone something in order to get them to do something wrong. We're just giving a promised reward for good behavior.)

Don't judge me.

So, is that why I'm bratty? Because I don't want to go to the hospital?

Well, not really.

Because what is worse than going in the hospital is not going in the hospital. Last week, LW's ANC was 290. It was to be 1000 in order for her to get chemo. No idea if it will be.

So ... the chance is great that I will bundle all of this into the car Thursday morning, drive over an hour, wait for a couple hours, only to find out that LW and I have to go home.

And if her counts are high enough ... then we wait. Last time, it took 10 hours waiting in the clinic before we got a room. We were lucky. Several others were sent home.

The boring, whiny, reality of cancer.

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Christine Robinson said...

Hey, what are friends for, if not to hear you whine!

Sounds awful. Especially the uncertain part. I find I can handle most things (so far, anyway...) if I only know what the schedule is going to be.

Will be thinking of you...