Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cradle for my guitar

Every 7th Day posted Tim's comment about the gunman carrying his weapon in a guitar case. It was somehow comforting to know that someone else reacted to that detail as I did.

Guitar cases are as common as hymnals in many Unitarian Universalist churches. Thinking of my own guitar, its own case, just gave me a visceral pain, thinking of someone using one to sneak in a gun. It is the cradle for my guitar, its protection. It is the handle so that I can carry my guitar with me ... to parties, to UU summer events, to church, and now, to the hospital. It is homely and it is also holy.

Walking into a UU church, whether its my own, or a church where I'm the speaker that Sunday, seeing a guitar case always gives me a lift. It's like spying the dessert table in a buffet. Anticipation. Something good is coming.

To now have to look at a guitar case with fear ... I can't stand it.

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Hi, It's Kari. said...

My guitar case has plastered all over it "War is not the answer" and "The most radical thing we can to is to introduce people to each other" and Pro-faith, Pro-family, Pro-choice. And one from the "Good Asian Drivers" from GA this year.

I cannot imagine it being a cradle for a weapon. Ever. I totally hear you.

How do we go on? I guess we just have to. I guess we just GET to.