Thursday, July 03, 2008

In the clinic

"I can't complain but sometimes I still do." Joe Walsh

In the clinic, waiting on counts, waiting on chemo. Kinda crazy today, since tomorrow is a holiday. All the Thursday kids and Friday kids jammed together.

Brought up 3 dozen red velvet cupcakes. I have to admit, there is something very satisfactory about looking around a big room and seeing lots of people chomping your gift, even if it is a cancer clinic. Especially if it's a cancer clinic. Kids, parents, even nurses.

Tomorrow is the 4th and unless something unexpected happens, we won't be in the hospital. The Husband is off work, and The Parents are coming over for a fish fry.

Her scans were good, Little Warrior is busy eating crackers and drawing pictures, all I have to do is sit here and wait.

Why am I so fractious? So impatient? I've only been here 3 hours, which in Chemo time, is not much.

I don't know.

But tonight, I'll go home and since it's "Friday night" because of the holiday, I'll have a Hypnotiq Breeze or a margarita. Probably the breeze. It's blue. Patriotic, you know.

You can have one too. It'll take that fractious right outta ya.

The Husband's Hypnotiq Breeze
3 parts Hypnotiq
1 1/2 parts coconut rum
1/2 part pineapple juice
Shake with ice, pour, then add a splash of 7 up. If you're not a lightweight, use 2 parts coconut rum.


plaidshoes said...

That sounds like the perfect drink to wind up a rough couple of months! I am happy to still read that LW is doing so well. I hope you all have a peaceful 4th!

My Brand Of Crazy... said...

Well, since I can't seem to find Absolute Citron here in the desert...I'm gonna be on the hunt, so I can has me one of these good sounding mixtures!!!
Thanks a bunch and enjoy your holiday!!!