Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Testify, my brothers and sisters!

LE needs your help. I've created a "brochure" website* at WelcomingReligion.org. As you can see, I need some more testimonials. Tell me why you love this religion.

* Why? Well, as I was doing my walking/running laps at the Y, looking at the backs of all the folks I was passing (or who were passing me), I decided I wanted some Evangelizing Tshirts (with the message on the back, natch.) I wanted to put a url on them that was easy to remember -- welcomingreligion was available. I like the UUA site, but it's multipurpose. I wanted the equivalent of a brochure -- short, sweet, to the point, and most importantly, made just for folks scratching their heads saying, Huh? Wattsa Unitarian?

That's why.

Edit: thanks for the comments. Please put your testimonial in comments or send to lizardeater at gmail dot com.


Jamie Goodwin said...

I love it LE... what a great idea.

Only, where do we send out testimonials to?

Joel Monka said...

I wrote about it here:

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Holy cow...I've missed soooo much!
So very sorry about Molly!
Bless her on the way to The Summerland.
I also had to put down an old one the other day:(
If and when the time comes, that you all decide you are ready to rescue and provide a forever home for another...
Well you know who YOUR girl is right?

Glad to hear the husband is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Unitarian Universalism worked for me because my husband was agnostic and I was still longing for a church home where I felt comfortable being with my Christian background but also exploring other ways of understanding God. We were welcomed into Unitarian Universalism with no judgment about where we were in our spiritual paths and no pressure to believe a particular thing about God. Yet, we felt that Unitarian Universalism called us to live a life outside of our comfort zones - pushing us to go inside ourselves, be with the hard spiritual and theological questions, as well as to do more to reach out to those in this world in need of love and justice.