Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's Home

And sleeping. They couldn't find anything, so they referred him to a GI specialist. They think it might be an ulcer.

Poor guy -- his loving wife reminded him, "Remember how, last week, I was talking to you about how I think you should be focusing on your physical and mental health right now? Ahem!"

But I also bundled him off to bed, so he can't complain too much.

I'd better be more subtle. I think there's part of him convinced that I can work spells. "Okay, eye of newt, tongue of frog, teach him that he needs to be a bump on a log!"

Yes, lack of sleep makes me punchy.

Here's to no more late-night blogging posts this week. KnockwoodpleaseGodThankYewJesus.


laura said...

Oh LE, I am coming on this rather late today... and am freaking out *for* you - so you can rest!! BTDT with the tummy thing this spring, and am TOTALLY with you on it, holding your hand, with you in spirit. Wish you could have been there with DH.

Oh ::BIG HUGS:: Here's hoping it's just something very, very minor.

Anonymous said...

posting from SWUUSI - Wish you guys were here. sending you some prayers from Oklahoma
David T

ben said...

Once again, just wishing you the best.

Not a good week. Hopefully next week will look up some.