Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Husband in The ER

4:30 am. Just got a call from The Husband. He's not having a heart attack.

Okay, let me back up.

Yesterday evening, he was feeling queasy and light-headed, which he attributed to not enough sleep. During the night, he kept feeling like he had indigestion, which Pepto didn't help. So --

3:00 am. The Husband refuses LE's plea to take him to the ER, vows that he is fine to drive, it just feels like bad indigestion, and convinces me to stay home with the sleeping four. Promises to call when he gets to the hospital.

3:22 am. He's there.

Okay, and that gets us where we are now. At 4:22, I succumbed and called his cell phone. No answer, and you can imagine my crazed thoughts, even though I knew logically there were a million normal reasons why he might not be answering. 4:29, he called back. They did an EKG, and it's not a heart attack. The nurse thinks they'll probably give him contrast and a CT, since his abdomen is tender. Could be appendix. Gall stones. Or a million other things.

Have I ever mentioned how I totally don't trust stomachaches? The Boy, when he was 6 months old, had emergency surgery for intussusseption, after we'd been told it was a stomach flu. I thought I had indigestion, but wound up getting emergency surgery for appendicitis, with my appendix cleverly hiding behind other organs. And, of course, Little Warrior. I took her in for vomiting, and the pedi said it was just the stomach flu going around. 10 days later, we were in the hospital.

So here I am, blogging of all things. I'd like to clean the kitchen from last night, but I don't want to wake up anyone. I guess it's better that the kids and I are here, not in the waiting room at the ER, but geeez. Hmm. Maybe I can get The Husband to keep his cell phone connected to me, so I can listen in on any activity? That wouldn't be bizarre, would it?

Thank you all for your kind words about our puddy-tat. And I'm still not sure about this whole prayer thing, but I'll take 'em.


Philocrites said...

Let's schedule a wholly different week next week. This one has not gone well! Best wishes to you all.

Mary Ann said...

Thumbs held, prayers ongoing.