Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Altar is a File Cabinet

Okay, I realize that sounds like one of those UU jokes -- "If you carry a daytimer, rather than a Bible ..." "The priest grabbed the cross, the UU minister grabbed the copier ..."

But really, my altar is a file cabinet.

Since Little Warrior is getting old enough for me to have the hope that I can set up an altar and she won't attempt to eat it, I've been looking around, wondering how I wanted to set up this altar. I've had others, at other houses. A nice chest? A bedside table? Hmm. I've been thinking about this for some time.

And it just recently hit me -- file cabinet!

I am not instinctively an organized person, and so I *love* neat filing systems. I love my label maker. Neatly labeled folders, inside hanging tab folders pertaining to the folders inside -- it is as if I am organizing my very brain.

So while I was re-setting up my family filing cabinet, it hit me. A file cabinet for an altar.

And so it is all set up. I had an extra 2 door filing cabinet, holding nothing more important than random flotsam and jetsum. I purged most of that, redistributed what was important, and presto, an empty altar.

I set up folders pertaining to spiritual, religious, inspirational, churchworks and seminary matters.

I often save essays and such, onto my hard drive, that I find inspirational. But do I ever go back and browse those? Very rarely.

So now, I print them out, and put them in an appropriate file. "Forgiveness" "Simplicity" "Grace"

Many of your words inspire me. They'll be going in the altar. (Appropriately marked with authorship, date, website. Mais oui.)

On top is something special that I use as an altar cloth, and the other, personal items one might expect to see on an altar.

So, there. My altar is a file cabinet. I love it.


Adam Becker Sr said...

So you absolutely have to check out the file cabinet picture at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/zoologymuseum/taxonomy/index.php

Lizard Eater said...

Bwahahaha. Love it. I'm pretty sure that's what my brain likes. Critters coming out of their drawers. (pun intended)

Ms. Theologian said...

I love the idea of the file cabinet as an altar!