Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seesaws still give me a feeling of longing

There are advantages to being an only child, or raised like an only. (My next closest sibling was 12 when I was born.) But there are also things you miss out on, and like anything, you're left with little clues about yourself.

I am thinking of this because a friend was telling me about the child of a mutual friend, who is growing up as a "like an only," similar to the way I was. She LOVES to play hide-and-go-seek whenever they're together. Even at "her age" -- 8.

I told her I completely understood. Because there are tons of games you can play by yourself. Checkers. Solitaire. Even monopoly. (You can even cheat yourself.) But hide-and-go-seek just doesn't work unless you're Sibyl.

Mine wasn't hide and go seek. It was seesaws. Whenever we went on a vacation, my parents would stop at playgrounds and let me play for a bit. They were older, so they'd sit and watch while I played.

You can swing by yourself.

You can slide by yourself.

You can't seesaw by yourself.

Once I had two kids, I bought a seesaw.


Lunasea said...

Oh wow, this totally hit home. My next sibling was 12 years older than I, too - and I longed to seesaw, too. Or do the merry-go-round thing where someone had to push you.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful post. I loved growing up with my little brother. We lived in our own little imaginary world.

Erik is alone in so many ways...and always will be. But he will never have to watch his siblings go to the prom and instead have to hang out with his mother that night. I am thankful for that.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Great post! My brother & I have described ourselves as two only children raised by the same parents. We are 12 years apart. He graduated from high school in June - the following September I started first grade (no kindergarten then). OTOH - mine are close in age (currently 17, 19 & 21) and are beginning to interact with each other in adult relationships. It was so hard when they were little, but the rewards are great now.