Tuesday, May 08, 2007

UU Ministers Are Giving Me Shin Splints!

But they're also making my butt more fit, so they're forgiven.

I have been doing interval training, not that I knew I was. I was just run/walking intuitively; I was a fencer back in college and ripped up my ankles quite a bit. Jogging hurts, sprinting doesn't. So, I walk, walk, then sprint. Walk, walk, then sprint. I am not yet in good shape, so after 2 miles, I'm ready to just walk, walk, walk. That's when I switch my iPod over to a god-cast by a UU minister.
So, what are your favorite UU podcasts?

There are some fabulous ones available for free on iTunes now. Back when I looked about a year ago, there wasn't much. The Unitarian church of Dublin, as I recall, and a pinch of others.

Snaps to All Souls in Tulsa. They're the best at getting sermons up fast and regularly and have a large library to choose from. My two other favorites are Rev. Christine at First UU Albuquerque and the Revs Chuck and Kathleen at Live Oak in Austin. If you know the latter two, pinch them to get some new sermons up.

I become so engrossed in their sermons, I stop counting laps. The track becomes an oval labyrinth as I walk and focus on their words. The shadows from the railing lay down patterns; if I keep my stride exactly regular, I can step on all of the crossbeam stripes. Step, step, breathe. Step, step, breathe.

I lose track of time. I am doing a lot more exercise than I intended, not a bad thing.

Except for the shin splints.


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Lizard Eater,
A friend told me about your blog mentioning my sermons. Thanks for the listen and the post! You can hear podcasts of my radio show, "Soul Talk" at www.freesoulsproject.org. Let me know what you think of them.

Soulful good thoughts on your sacred journey!!

Chuck Freeman