Thursday, May 24, 2007

Policy -- Help

Lizard Eater needs your help.

If you have a policy for "bad behavior" at your church, do you think it's good, bad, unnecessary, vitally important, what?

Let me know. You can put it in comments or if you prefer, email me at the given address.

Many thanks and muchas smoochas.


Earthbound Spirit said...

We have a "covenant for times of disagreement," which was written by most of the charter members at the end of a one-day workshop on conflict and covenants. Given our rapid growth in the past year, it probably needs updating. I'd be happy to email you a copy if I could find the email you indicated. (It's early & I haven't had coffee yet.)

Lizard Eater said...

Thanks, EB Spirit. Would appreciate that. lizardeater-at-gmail-dot-com. With no dashes, etc.

Kaleigh said...

We kind of have that....not exactly what you're describing, but close. We also have a committee (which has met, I think, once) for mediations of such issues. If I can find electronic versions, I'll email them to you.