Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to Me - tomorrow

I've already mentioned that The Husband is the most fantastic, thoughtful, caring husband in the world, right? Now if I could just get him to not bite his fingernails* ...

Well, along with the incredible Valentine's date, he also arranged for a Girls' Weekend for me. So this weekend, while he stays home parenting the 4 Katzenjammer kids, I and my posse (as my 73 year old friend refers to us) will be in Austin at the Pecan Street Arts Festival.

So, if you see 5 wild women who look like they might be fine, upstanding citizens and mothers in normal life ... it's us.

* deliberate joke about how our partner can be the most fabulous person in the world, but we'll still find room for improvement. And I do wish he'd grow out his nails. My back is itchy.

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